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Novel CoronaVirus Update 21 February 2021

Preparing for our Covid-19 Vaccination   – M Kelly 21 Feb 2021

Two Covid-19 vaccines are now being rolled out in Australia.  Both are safe.  We will all be wise to seek out vaccination at the first opportunity.

If ~80% of adults achieve ~80% immunity through vaccination by Christmas, then 2022  may be more normal.

Vaccines have somewhat lower efficacy in seniors that in younger adults. This is counterbalanced by the vaccines being more effective at preventing severe disease than mild disease.  On balance therefore, the scientifically published vaccine efficacy rates (see below) are likely a good guide to the protection that we as senior citizens are likely to receive from one or other of the available vaccines.

Australians over 65 years have been promised access to both vaccines on a case by case basis.

The Pfizer vaccine requires the first jab to be followed by a booster after 3 weeks and achieves ~95% vaccine efficacy within about 4 weeks

In northern Melbourne it will likely only be available at Austin Health, and supplies are quite limited.

The AstraZeneca first jab is to be followed by a booster at least 12 weeks later in order to achieve ~80% vaccine efficacy within about 13 weeks.  Published:February 19, 2021

It is less suitable for vulnerable individuals who may desire maximum protection within less than 3 months.  In part this is why all western European countries other than the UK have disapproved the AstraZeneca vaccine for any individual over 70 years.

On the positive side the AstraZeneca vaccine is manufactured in Australia, and will be more widely available at medical practices, and later even at pharmacies.  Most of our younger adult relatives will receive this vaccine.  Children may not need vaccination.

Click on the link below to obtain a printable pdf document containg this Vaccination information

Preparing for our Covid Vaccination 21 Feb 2021

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Daily Coronavirus Statistics Update-


Victoria DHHS Coronavirus hotline: 1800 675 398

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