Covid-19 Update

Vaccination Certificates  from  late October

Access to certain activities such as outdoor restaurants will  soon be available only  for people who produce a valid certificate of double-dose Covid vaccination.

The most convenient form of verification for the 98% of people with a smart phone is to use that phone to link the electronic Vaccination certificate to the “Services Victoria” smartphone Application.  Some guidance on how to do this is provided below.

  • You can call Services Australia on 1800 653 809 and ask them to send your Immunisation History Statement to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

    You can also print your COVID-19 digital certificate available on MyGov at home.


Accessing the electronic Vaccination certificate on a smart phone requires at least 2 of the three following applications to be installed;

1 Services Victoria

2 MyGovId (? or a valid  MyGov account)

3 Medicare Express

Video Instructions ( ~2 minutes)

This video goes a bit too fast, so please pause and replay regularly for maximum benefit.

Stills from the video have been extracted below to facilitate implementation, together with some comments, based on experience of some members who have been early adopters.

If using the “MyGovId” option, it will require scanning of your driver’s licence, medicare card or passport.  For a number of members this step caused a need for a smartphone restart before continuing.

To view the Digital Vaccine certificate click on the tick symbol    l to the left of “Check-in”box

At least in the first few days of this digital certificate rollout, significant teething problems were encountered by some members, even though others completed the process in 5 minutes.  Patience and persistence may be necessary.  Sometimes  help from children, or even grandchildren, may be needed, as they  are always more adept than us in using smartphones.