We have checked the car park in Balwyn park across the road nearer to Balwyn Road. Balwyn Park starts at Cherry Road just as you come to end of park their is a driveway. Just a short walk for those who can walk down to the lights across the road from theatre.

Next outing details below:

Please Note: Palace Cinemas Have closed indefinitely because of the Coronavirus pandemic,  as of 18th March 2020

Future Movie outings  on hold at present:

Tue March  24 2020 10 am

Annual General Meeting 24 March 10 am to 12 md

It is each member’s decision whether to come or not, either way, we will respect your decision.  Please send the  Honorary Secretary an apology by email if you  will not be coming.

The meetings will be held in the newly renovated (and very clean) hall where we used to have our morning tea, and the seating will be arranged to meet the current requirements for Social Distancing.

The format will be a little different from normal –

   No Special Efforts Table

   No Morning Tea

   No organised lunch to follow; prior booking at Vibrantes has been cancelled

We will be deciding about the continuation of club activities in the current conditions at our Committee Meeting and at the Club Meeting, with the exception of the Swan Hill Tour which will be left to the Members who have signed up and paid for it.