Walking group

Anybody who would like to join us and would like to know more about our walks please speak to our walks Co-ordinator Heather,  contact details in Newsletter) or any of the other walkers. You would be made very welcome.

Walks commence at 9.30 and take about 1 hour, followed by Morning Tea (or lunch when a later start applies)..

WALKING GROUP – Heather 9844 1897 or 0432 261 011)

Walks commence at 9.30 and take about 1 hour, followed by Morning Tea.

Thursday 24th OctWesterfolds  (Melways  33 E3) Meet at 1st carpark near the toilets in Porter Street Templestowe. Fast Group turn right and go up to Mia at top & slower group turn and left and go to the lookout on the river. Morning tea at Carlucci’s

Thursday 14th Nov – Mullum Mullum Creek. – East Doncaster.
(Melways 34 F2) Meet at Beasley’s car park for a
walk to Currawong on Reynolds Road. Morning tea at the
Pines Shopping Centre.

Thursday 28th Nov – PORT MELBOURNE. Meet at
10.30am port Melb terminus (Melways 2J A6). Please
note the late starting time. To start: take Light rail route
109 to the terminus at Port Melb. We will walk along the
foreshore to the Sandbar Restaurant (Melways 2J A12)
for lunch after which we will walk back to Port Melbourne.

Thursday 12 th December  – Warrandyte.  (Melways 23 D12) Meet at the carpark east of the bridge in Yarra Street below the toilets for a walk to Stiggants Reserve