Covid-19 Information update 2023

 March 2023  -Vaccine latest

Official Advice recommending a further Covid Vaccine booster dose  for Australians over 65 has recently been released, These recommendations replace previous ATAGI COVID-19 vaccine booster advice.



  • ATAGI recommends a 2023 COVID-19 vaccine booster dose for adults in the following groups, if their last COVID-19 vaccine dose or confirmed infection (whichever is the most recent) was 6 months ago or longer, and regardless of the number of prior doses received:
    • All adults aged 65 years and over
    • Adults aged 18-64 years who have medical comorbidities that increase their risk of severe COVID-19, or disability with significant or complex health needs.

A major reason for this advice is increasing evidence that the ability of covid vaccines to prevent  severe disease decreases quite significantly after 6 months, and even more after 12 months, especially in older citizens.

Although all currently available Covid Booster vaccines are considered significantly effective, newer vaccines with “B4 & B5” strain coverage appear to be somewhat more effective.  The Pfizer version of this updated vaccine has become available in some Pharmacies in March, and the updated Moderna B4 & B5 booster vaccine is likely to become available in coming months,

Local Pharmacies which include free access to the latest B4 B5 Covid booster jabs include:


Book a booster dose, using  the Government  COVID-19 Clinic Finder


Public Vaccination clinics and many medical clinics no longer provide Covid Vaccination.

An early influenza  season has been predicted for 2023 in Australia, and a winter flu vaccine is recommended around April.   These jabs  can be performed on the same day as a Covid booster (opposite arms) else they should be separated by 2 weeks or more.  These vaccines  are currently provided by many pharmacists and medical practices.