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Novel CoronaVirus Update  19 May 2021

Getting  Vaccinated   – M Kelly 

Three  Covid-19 vaccines are being rolled out in Australia.  Pfizer – (40 Million doses ordered) Moderna (25 million doses ordered) and Astrazeneca (up to 50 Million doses ordered) .  All are very safe for people  55 years and older.

Astrazeneca for people over 50-55 yrs (1st jab)

For our age group , who are at very high risk from Covid-19,  the ASTRAZENECA vaccine 1st jab  is both effective and extremely safe. More than  10 million people >55 years of age have received this vaccine in the UK, without any related deaths  from clotting issues in this group.

Pfizer or Moderna for people under 50-55 yrs (+- 2nd Jab for us)

The benefit-to-risk ratio is quite different for people under 50 years of age, who have a much stronger immune response, and thus are  at much lower risk from Covid-19. This is  especially true for young females, not one of whom aged under 50  has died from Covid-19 in Australia.  Over-strong immune responses to the Astrazeneca vaccine can cause a severe and often fatal form of clotting/bleeding side effect in 10-20  per million people younger than 50 -55 years of age.   Therefore it  is medically recommended that our children and grandchildren under ~50  years of age should only receive the Pfizeror Moderna vaccines, which  have   been administered to over 100 Million people of all ages in the US, without any known  related serious clotting problem.

Dr Brendan Murphy, secretary of the Australian Health Department, has foreshadowed likely use of Pfizer or  Moderna vaccines as the 2nd jab for some of us who received Astrazeneca as the 1st jab.

Getting our Astrazeneca jabs:

1st Astrazeneca jabs are  now available from many local general practices with a modest waiting time.  If your own medical practice is short on Covid vaccine slots,  then a recently opened mass vaccination centre at the Austin Hopsital may be helpful:

The Austin  clinic is open 8am to 8pm 7 days a week (except public holidays).  Bookings are encouraged to help manage demand.  To make an appointment call the Victorian Department of Health Vaccination Call Centre on 1800 675 398.

Walk-in appointments are available Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm, however there may be wait times during peak periods.

The vaccination clinic is located at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital in the Acacia Room.  (See attached map)  Free car parking is available via Gate 7A on the Corner of Waterdale Road and Bell Street.   Security staff will direct you to this area if you let them know you are here for your COVID-19 vaccination.  Once parked, follow the marked pathway to the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic.




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