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Novel CoronaVirus 

Notes and documents for  Manningham Probus Club presentation concerning protecting ourselves against Novel Coronavirus

Hygiene and Social Distancing for Novel Coronavirus


How Shared Toilets May Pose Risk for Spreading Coronavirus – Click on Video to Play

How to reduce our Flu (&  Coronavirus)  risk in winter

1 Flu Vaccination

– Vaccination for ourselves ( > 60% protection)

– Vaccination for our kids  & grandkids  (>  90% protection)

2) Vitamin D supplementation to compensate for reduced Sunlight in winter (this vitamin boosts our immune defences)

– Usual daily dose = 2  x 1000 Unit tablets


Click on links below for further information:

How to Obtain Groceries and other supplies safely during pandemic

How to walk for exercise safely during pandemic

Daily Coronavirus Statistics Update-


DAILY Cases Throughout the World

(to 14 October 2020)

Daily Cases in Australia to end of 2nd wave

Victoria DHHS Coronavirus hotline: 1800 675 398

Website links


Australian Govt

Latest statistics in Australia

Covidlive – an excellent site for latest Australian Pandemic statistics


Reliable Tradesmen recommended by members:

Roof Tiler, Repairs:          Drazen Simic  0415696458                                          – By Noel

Renovations :                    Michael Jowett (Jowcon) 0433819646                   – Bannisters

Electrician:                          Ian Reid   0408434707                                                 – By Kevin L

Electrician:                         Travis Pearson  0411697111                                       – By Judi

Plumber:                              Geoff Bartlett  0401082707                                       – By  Judi

Tree & Stumps:                 Nick Stephens  0418562115                                          – By Noel P

House Clean                      Maid to Clean  8391 7026 or SMS 0481 071 251  – By Pam

TV Services                        Craig Anderson 0487805555                                        – By Ken

Car Panel Repairs            Peter Carden   0415300749                                           – By Brian

Computers                         Promedia Tek 03 94993541 (Ivanhoe)                        – By Member

Windows PLus                  ECO Green   (Kevin McCann) 0400538622              – by Ken E


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