Groceries Dining and supplies during Pandemic

Group Dineouts have been suspended presently.

This guide is designed to help us eat well and safely during pandemic-related  social distancing.


Social Distancing tips for us

Remember – Authorities recommend that all people over 65 years should try to avoid the risk of leaving home to do our own grocery shopping during the current pandemic.  In order to make this easier, a number of special arrangements have been made availble, as listed below.  For those who cannot make use of these arrangements, then it may be possible to arrange for nearby younger relatives and/or friends to  perform a similar function

How to get all supplies without leaving home

1 Home delivery groceries

Woolworths has an exclusive  priority online order and contactless home delivery service for senior citizens.

Register at

To be eligible, provide email and delivery address,  date of Birth & details  of Seniors card or  other valid  Australian concession card.

Supplies for homes in Manninham arrive from a nearby special  distribution centre  in Bundoora

Contactless payment options include Paypal and either a debit or a credit card.  Delivery cost max $15.00 per order, decreasing with larger orders.

Current delivery wait times are 3  to 5 days.

(Coles has a similar service, but restricted to NDIS clients)


2  Home delivery Prescriptions

All Seniors are eligible for home delivery of prescriptions at no cost, provided by Australia Post,

Chemists accept debit card and Credit card payments  by telephone.

One provider is

Repeats may be obtained using their Smartphone App

That provider also provides contactless purchase (including paypal) and home delivery of non -prescrition supplies such as Paracetamol, hand wipes, sanitizer, tissues, thermometer’s, diabetic supplies, blood pressure machines etc.  For those supplies a delivery charge is applicable,  Similar services are available from some other pharmacies.

Telehealth Dr appointments 

Many medical appointments, including repeat prescriptions, can now be completed without leaving home.  Telephone your practice in advance, in order  to clarify how this will be performed.  Most often  it  will be performed by telephone, and occasionally  by video conferencing or a Facetime video telaphone call.

Presently, printed prescriptions are usually mailed to your home, but electronic transfer to your chemist may become available later.

4. Restaurant Home delivery

Many of the restaurants in our area, that we have been accustomed to visit,   are now providing the same menus via one of three home delivery services.  These services are:


All accept pre payment by Paypal, and debit/credit Cards.  Deliveroo also accepts Applepay.  Most food suppliers no longer accept cash.

All deliver “Contactless” to our preferred drop off point.  They each provide food from lists of restaurants within 5 km /10 minutes driving time of our provided home address.


5 Petrol without leaving our car

This “Fuelpay” system for buying petrol without leaving your car is available from two Caltex service stations in Manningham:

39 Bridge Street Cnr Manningham Rd, Bulleen VIC 3105

1100 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East VIC 3109 (at Tunstall Square)

Payment is accepted by contactless tap and go debit/credit cards or by  smartphone contactless Applepay or Android Pay.

Remember – Car driving for petrol or visiting parks for exercise is safest if only one person is in any one car.  Any necessary passenger should ideally sit in the back seat.


6 Home delivery Alcohol

Woolworths provides only a limited  range of Alcohol supplies for home delivery.

Dan Murphy’s provide a comprehensive ánd contactless alcohol delivery service.

Payment methods –  Paypal & debit/credit/gift cards.